Seagoing vessels

Shift 1 : 07:00-15:00
Shift 2 : 15:00-23:00
Shift 3 : 23:00-07:00

The lists have been sorted by scheduled starting date/shift and name and not by loading sequence. Barges that are not on these lists have not yet been reported at EMO at the moment of publication. Barges have to be available before the beginning of the shift they are planned. This information is updated automatically every five minutes. No rights can be derived from this information.

The transfer of cars from vessel to shore or from shore to vessel is not permitted on the quaysides of the EMO site. For vehicle transfers make use of the municipal jetty.

Reporting procedure: See Instructions for inland shipping.

Barges loading

Barge ENI Present Loading Plandata Shift Harbour
RHENUS DILLINGEN 22331846YesYes23-03-20233 Hartelhaven
INARO2322911YesNo23-03-20233 Hartelhaven
INARO II2327256YesNo23-03-20233 Hartelhaven
JULIEN2320761YesNo24-03-20231 Mississipihaven
HGK 3525100163NoNo24-03-20231 Hartelhaven
VITA NOVA2331793YesNo24-03-20231 Mississipihaven
RHENUS CARISMA II2323258YesNo24-03-20231 Hartelhaven
RHENUS CARISMA 2323320YesNo24-03-20231 Hartelhaven
RHENUS ORSOY4029200NoNo24-03-20232 Hartelhaven
ESPERA 2102338844NoNo24-03-20232 Hartelhaven
ESPERA 12702321862NoNo24-03-20232 Hartelhaven
AQUA SPRINTER II2324814YesNo24-03-20232 Hartelhaven
AQUA SPRINTER2322913YesNo24-03-20232 Hartelhaven
LEENDERT SR II2332158NoNo25-03-20231 Hartelhaven
LEENDERT SR2331755NoNo25-03-20231 Hartelhaven
COLIBRI06105043YesNo25-03-20231 Hartelhaven
SUNNY04806140NoNo25-03-20232 Hartelhaven
BLACK04806130NoNo25-03-20232 Hartelhaven
RHENUS THIONVILLE 12332593NoNo25-03-20233 Hartelhaven
ELEGANCE II2338754NoNo25-03-20233 Hartelhaven
ELEGANCE2338755NoNo25-03-20233 Hartelhaven
RHENUS THIONVILLE 22332594NoNo25-03-20233 Hartelhaven

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