Seagoing vessels

Shift 1 : 07:00-15:00
Shift 2 : 15:00-23:00
Shift 3 : 23:00-07:00

No rights can be derived from this information. The lists have been sorted by scheduled starting date/shift and name and not by loading sequence. Seagoing vessels that are not on these lists have not yet been reported at EMO at the moment of publication. This information is updated automatically on set times, 6:35, 8:10, 14:35 and 22:35 CE(S)T.

Seagoing vessels unloading Ships scheduled for unloading in the next 7 days.

Shipname Agent Grade type Starting Shift Ending Shift Harbour Berth
LORDSHIPLBHCoal2023-03-2122023-03-252 Mississipihaven4
SDTR ALICELBHCoal2023-03-2312023-03-251 Mississipihaven2
MAGIC ORIONVERTOMOre2023-03-2522023-03-272 Mississipihaven3
NEW EXPLORERLBHCoal2023-03-2632023-03-273 Mississipihaven4
MEDI MATSUURATRASACoal2023-03-2732023-03-293 Mississipihaven2
RESILIENCELBHCoal2023-03-2722023-03-292 Mississipihaven3
EOLOS GBMACoal2023-03-2912023-03-301 Mississipihaven4
STAR POLARISLBHCoal2023-03-2922023-04-012 Mississipihaven3
CAPE CLOVERVERTOMCoal2023-03-3022023-04-012 Mississipihaven2

Last update: 08:10:03 24-03-2023

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