Seagoing vessels

No rights can be derived from this information. This loading program is an indication and may divert (e.g. during holidays). For an actual status, please contact your contact person within EMO. The lists have been sorted by loading sequence. Trains that are not on these lists have not yet been reported at EMO at the moment of publication. This information is updated automatically every 5 minutes.

Trains Loading

Train no. Departure Reported Loader Glycol Start End Setup Track Loading Track Wagons Wagons loaded Robot Detached
4871502-12-2023 10:07-WB1-10 C02-12-2023 20:3003-12-2023 13:3027983380-
4873303-12-2023 22:56-WB4-10 C03-12-2023 13:4003-12-2023 16:4000440-
4873104-12-2023 03:26-WB3-10 C03-12-2023 20:3003-12-2023 23:3000440-
4777104-12-2023 06:15-WB403-12-2023 20:3003-12-2023 23:3000290-
4871304-12-2023 06:27-WB1-10 C03-12-2023 14:0003-12-2023 17:0027983380-
4871504-12-2023 10:07-WB1-10 C03-12-2023 17:3003-12-2023 20:3027983380-
4871704-12-2023 14:07-WB1-10 C03-12-2023 21:0003-12-2023 23:5927983380-

Last update: 19:26:16 02-12-2023

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