We responsibly handle, store and process bulk products that contribute to the world of tomorrow

We contribute to the world of tomorrow. We form an important link in the supply of essential raw materials for products used by all of us in our daily lives. Products that are needed to develop, maintain, and improve the world around us. Our professional workers ensure that many different bulk products are safely stored and transhipped 24/7 for our clients from all corners of the world. These bulk products are used to make products that you use regularly in daily life. The energy from your plug socket, the beautiful Erasmus Bridge, or the solar panels on your roof: they were once all bulk products. And it is very likely that these bulk products were shipped via our terminal. 

Core values

Our values reflect our purpose and define what it means to work at or with EMO. They are at the heart of our culture and the way we work and do business.  
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Company values       

Our history in a nutshell

Since its emergence from a merger of Manufrance, SNV and Frans Swarttouw B.V., and the unloading of its first sea ship in 1973, EMO has grown into one of the biggest and most modern dry bulk terminals in Europe, with a strategic position in the Port of Rotterdam.  

Our organisation

EMO, as part of the Dry Bulk Division of HES International, is leaded by a Terminal Manager. The management team further consists of a Manager HR, Manager Commerce & Business Development, Manager Finance and Manager QHSSE.

EMO is a 100% subsidiary of HES International B.V. (www.hesinternational.eu)   

Why coal is still needed

Coal is still currently in demand for the production of European electricity, the generating of heating, and steel production. A ban on loading coal in Rotterdam will in the short term lead to a transfer of its transhipment to other European ports. A ban on loading coke and PCI coals needed for European steel production will speed up the relocation of steel production to countries such as China. A ban on loading coal in Rotterdam will thus lead to a loss of jobs with no benefit to the climate or energy transition. Stopping the use of coal cannot therefore be an overnight process.
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