Europees Massagoed-Overslagbedrijf, or EMO, is one of the largest and most modern logistical service providers for dry bulk loads in Europe. Strategically located in the Port of Rotterdam, the biggest ships from all corners of the world tie up at the EMO’s quayside.  

Rotterdam is a hub for the European hinterland. Almost 80% of the dry bulk loads finds its way via rail and inland waterways to the German hinterland. EMO provides its services to clients in the steel and silicon industries, and the energy sector. 

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EMO plan   Report Dangerous Situation

Report Dangerous Situation

Bulk for life

Contributing for the world of tomorrow, that is what we do. As one of the largest dry bulk terminals in Europe we form an important link in the delivery of essential raw materials for products that are used by everyone in their everyday lives. Products that are needed to develop, maintain, and improve the world around us.  

The beautiful, iconic Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, the car you drive, the solar panels on your roof; there is a good chance that the raw materials used in all these things have been transported through our EMO terminal. They can even be found in your toothpaste and the charger for your electric toothbrush. EMO has a workforce of around 340 who work energetically 24/7 to transport the products that impact on your daily life. Each of us is unique, but one thing we share: a deep understanding of the need for safety.  

Your career Is important to us!

Whether you work outdoors or indoors at our 170 hectare-size terminal, the Rotterdam mentality of rolling up our sleeves is one that EMO shares. The cargo of the ships we unload for our clients is then loaded onto trains or inland shipping to continue their journey to their final destination. Our expert, motivated team is happy to take care of this work! And all of that comes with an extremely attractive package of working conditions. Do you see yourself working for us?   

Check your opportunities

Your internship at EMO?

Whether you are training as a production worker or maintenance engineer, or studying to become a safety expert or logistics planner, EMO offers you a world of opportunities. By combining knowledge and experience, we can take you and EMO further, so that we can both continue to develop and contribute to the world of tomorrow.

Denise Verhagen

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