Our values reflect our purpose and define what it means to work at or with EMO. They are at the heart of our culture and the way we work and do business. 


We are practical and proactive. We are customer-focused. We are eager to explore other markets. We are keen to learn and are willing to change and develop. But most of all, we are passionate about what we do. 


We care for our staff, the environment, our stakeholders and the world around us. We do our best to respect and understand other opinions (diversity and inclusion). We are trustworthy. Cooperation is the key to success. 


Integrity refers to the way we act in everyday life. Safety, fairness and sustainability are the cornerstones of our moral compass and dictate the choices we make. Compliance is in our DNA. 


We are transparent in our organisation and we communicate openly. We are happy to give and receive constructive feedback. We dare to make our views known and we support each other in that regard too. We are always ready to collaborate within our organisation – at EMO, with HES companies and with other partners. 


We are clear about our responsibilities within our organisation. We demonstrate ownership and take initiative. We create clarity in the organisation with respect to responsibilities and decision-making. We finish what we start and carry out our tasks diligently. 

EMO | bulk for life