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Conditions for mooring vessels

The costs for mooring per day of part of a day are:

  • Vessels up to 200 meters: € 10 per meter length.
  • Vessels of 200 meters and above: € 6 per meter length.

Other vessel types will be assessed per application. If handled vessels wish at their own request to remain moored at EMO after loading or unloading, the day on which the vessel is ready will not be included.

If EMO is unexpectedly faced by an extreme situation whereby EMO itself must have access to the mooring, the user agrees to transfer the moored vessel at short notice, to another mooring. An example of such a situation is if unloading work is threatened as a result of damage to another vessel, and that that vessel must be brought to the Amazonehaven. Furthermore, this exclusively applies if there is no other mooring available for the vessel in question. In practice, such extreme situations will only occur rarely. Should this situation arise, any costs shall be for the account of the moored vessel.

All vessels moored at EMO are required to comply with the EMO-rules as described in the information booklet “Regulation for vessels”. All information is available on our website -> business pages.

Following receipt of the form, an employee of the planning department or control room will contact you concerning the dock number and the bollard numbers of the mooring.

Please inform the staff at planning, the control room and security as quickly as possible if in the second instance you do decide to take up to the offer. This also applies if changes to the situation or departure time arise.

Matters relating to the ISPS Code will be dealt with by the person listed below; this person (or his deputy) is available by telephone 24 hours a day:

Mr. J. Uil
0031 – 181 371 229 (office hours)
0031 – 653 289 005 (mobile)

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