Seagoing vessels

Shift 1 : 07:00-15:00
Shift 2 : 15:00-23:00
Shift 3 : 23:00-07:00

The lists have been sorted by scheduled starting date/shift and name and not by loading sequence. Barges that are not on these lists have not yet been reported at EMO at the moment of publication. Barges have to be available before the beginning of the shift they are planned. This information is updated automatically every five minutes. No rights can be derived from this information.

The transfer of cars from vessel to shore or from shore to vessel is not permitted on the quaysides of the EMO site. For vehicle transfers make use of the municipal jetty.

Reporting procedure: See Instructions for inland shipping.

Directly from ship
Last update: 19:01:13 02-12-2023

Shipname Barge ENI Present Loading Plandata Shift Harbour
BULK SPENCERNAUTILIA5501380YesNo01-12-20233 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANTVERPIA 401823128YesNo01-12-20231 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANTVERPIA 881823168YesYes01-12-20232 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANTVERPIA 901823462YesYes01-12-20232 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANCIS 76002393YesNo02-12-20232 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERATOLL04020060NoNo02-12-20233 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERBANCO 16003218YesNo02-12-20232 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANTVERPIA 891823461NoNo02-12-20232 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANTVERPIA 726105247NoNo02-12-20232 Hartelhaven
BULK SPENCERANTVERPIA 716105246YesNo02-12-20232 Hartelhaven

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