Corona cases

November 13th
As from November 13th it is allowed for vessel crew leaving the vessel to be transported via the EMO terminal from the vessel. For upcoming vessel crew it is still mandatory to arrange this via water.

October 21st
Next to the measures taken already, as from October 21st, it is mandatory for all visitors to wear a protective mouth and nose mask on the entire EMO terminal. This includes all movements and transportation across the terminal. Only when seated in the canteen, during activities and/or at working spaces where 1,5 meters between persons can be obtained or shields are placed, it is allowed to sit/work without the mouth mask.

As per today, May 7th, the following visits to ships will be allowed, of course with taking all ruling COVID-19 measures (hygiene, keeping distance) in account,:

– inspection/maintenance; (if requested by the agency; at least 24 hours notice)
– traders/merchants (1x per 24 hours per ship), BotlekStores will not be allowed to enter the terminal;
– delivering of shipping documentation. (if requested by the agency)

For these visits, the regular registration procedure needs to be followed.

We still do not allow crew changes.

The visits will be monitored by our security department. At all times, EMO is allowed to withdraw this easing.

March 13, 2020
As more and more Corona cases are confirmed in Europe and also the Netherlands, it’s good to be aware that EMO is putting efforts in handling this situation. With regard to the measures taken up to now, we are following the advice of The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment.

In this respect, we have asked our employees to prevent the spread of corona virus by the following measures:

  • Avoid social contacts;
  • Wash hands regularly, cough in the inside of the elbow and use paper tissues (disinfectants are available in all facilities);
  • In case they may have been in contact with a person with Corona infection or have travelled to one of the risk areas, work from home for a period of two weeks. In case signs of infection are developing contact the family doctor by phone;
  • Work from home for staff personnel;
  • Cancel meetings and limit business travels as much as possible (business travels to risk-areas are strictly forbidden);
  • Additional cleaning of critical surfaces.

Apart from that, EMO will not allow:

  • Crew-changes of vessels via the terminal (via water this remains possible)
  • Ship supplies via the terminal, unless this is explicit necessary for a safe vessel operation.

Furthermore, visitors are asked to fill in a medical declaration before entering the terminal. Deliveries are limited to the entrance of the terminal.

Both the HR and Security department at EMO follow the developments closely. Additional measures will be taken if necessary.

If the development of the Corona virus will affect our operations, we will inform you shortly. In case you have specific concerns about your employees at our terminal and/or the continuity of our operations and thus your deliveries, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the situations and/or possible preventive measures.