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The supervisory board of HES International granted EMO/EKOM approval for Project 030. The realisation of Project 030 is combined with Project West of which approval was granted in December 2015.

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Saturday September 9th EMO Open

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EMO Open is the opportunity to take a look “behind the scenes” at our impressive terminal. During this day, anyone can come and see for themselves what goes on at this imposing company.

Entrance is free, but registration is obliged. This can be done through the website: (only available in Dutch).

Realization of EMO B.V. conveyor belt system well on its way

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Rotterdam, June 2017 – Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf (EMO) B.V. will finalize an investment programme for the replacement of an essential part of their conveyor belt system this summer. Having replaced all three1.5 kilometre conveyor lines at the unloading quay in 2016, EMO is now renewing the conveyor belt system on the West side of the terminal, which is used for dedicated storage and loading destinations. The final stage of this

investment was approved during the first quarter of 2016, in line with EMO’s long-term strategy to continue serving the European iron ore and coal market. Ensuring customer performance, safeguarding HSSE standards and EMO terminal’s asset integrity.

The project involves the total renewal and upgrading of the belt system, which has been functioning since EMO started its operations in 1973. By using state of the art technologies and by designing-out inefficiencies, EMO will reduce labour, maintenance, and energy costs.

This investment safeguards the reliability, safety and service level of the EMO terminal and reaffirms EMO as the most cost-efficient terminal for dry bulk in Europe.

The realization of the project is well on its way. All quay conveyor belts are now fully operational and have already transported several millions of tons of dry bulk products. The replacement of the conveyor belts on the terminal’s West side is more than half-way. EMO’s experienced project team is overseeing and coordinating the works carried out by reputable contractors and suppliers. The terminal remains fully operational while the project is executed. So far, this challenging brown-field project has been implemented without any unforeseen business interruptions. When the project is completed later this year, we will be able to take full advantage of these new assets and we are confident that our customers will appreciate these improvements too.

Some key figures:
• 3,000 tons (European) new steel
• 168 piles
• 18,000 idlers
• 102 pulleys
• 13,100 metres of rubber belt
• 9,000 wind plates
• 75,000 metres electricity cable

You can also view great images of the project updates on EMO’s Facebook account

For more information you can contact Mr Ton van der Leer, Manager Projects, Maintenance & IT of EMO B.V.
Tel. +31 (0)181- 371199.

Visit Europe’s largest dry bulk terminal

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Rotterdam and EMO will once again open the doors to Europe’s largest port. The annual World Port Days event offers a wide range of impressive vessels to visit and spectacular stunts on the water. It is also your one-of-a-kind opportunity to visit EMO, since our areas are usually strictly off-limits. Encounter huge black mountains and admire the impressive terminal where iron ore and coal are unloaded and stored.

During the World Port days on 5 and 6 September 2015 you can visit our terminal by coach. On Sunday September 6th we also offer an English tour.