We invest heavily in our site and our machines as well as in our personnel. Massive investments over the past years led to world class innovation dry bulk port which is unique in its kind. Our terminal consists of  fully automated stacker reclaimers, sea going vessels loader and coal wagon loaders all supervised by our high-tec operations centre.

Automation of one unloader has almost been completed, and plans are in place to repeat the process for all our unloaders.

With this automation EMO is taking a next step in the further automation of our terminal. Automation projects are also in the pipeline for other machines.

A large proportion of the conveyor system was recently renewed. In this process, the number of drive motors and other components were massively reduced. The new drums and rollers have had a positive effect on noise emission levels. With these new conveyors, we are now in a position to monitor the noise levels ourselves and to intervene where necessary. As well as reducing noise emissions, other improvements include energy saving, reduced dust emission levels and the more sustainable use of materials. In the near future, EMO will be in position to cut back the speed of the conveyors, depending on the volume in transit. This too will have a positive effect on overall performance.

Besides out technical innovations, we set standards for ethical, social, and environmental performance. We invest continuously in teamwork and our people.

In summary, EMO’s mission statement brings together all the above:
We strive for:

  • reliable transhipment and storage of dry bulk commodities;
  • excellent relations with clients and suppliers;
  • the safety of everyone on our premises;
  • care for our environment;
  • sound management.