In our business of extensive dry bulk supply, we are alert to the potential environmental impact of our activities. That’s exactly why we implement special measures to reduce dust, noise and other potential environmental impacts. A dust compression system covers the whole storage area. Water for the system is supplied through EMO’s own comprehensive water reclamation, storage and recycling system. If necessary, stockpiles and open areas are covered with a protective layer as a precautionary measure. To prevent spontaneous combustion, EMO can compact the stored coal. Compacting means storage of layer by layer, where each layer will be rolled to prevent space for oxygen as much as possible.

By caring for nature, our employees and our customers’ requirements, we are dedicated to maintaining our certificates on environment, safety, health, quality and security. We are constantly alert to new ways of ensuring sustainability.

Our footprint is below the average in the port of Rotterdam because we are not a consumer of the products we tranship. We have no large factories and make every possible effort to keep our footprint as low as possible. More information on this subject appears under the heading sustainability.

Becoming an associate member of Bettercoal was a logical step for us. Why? Because we care! We care about our different partners along the coal supply chain. We recognize the important role coal plays worldwide within infrastructure through steel and cement manufacturing, as well as an important source of electricity for our welfare.

We understand the current debate and criticism, and realize the challenges that people working in this sector face. Bettercoal’s ambition is to increase transparency and improve ethical, environmental and social performance along this chain. As a terminal, we are a part of this, and AS EMO we support Bettercoal’s ambition.

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Certified ISPS. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.