Working at EMO

Working for EMO means working in a special environment, special because the place is simply huge and impressive: gigantic cranes, exposed to the elements, ships coming and going. In short, the place is jumping, just bursting with vitality. And all this in the gateway to Rotterdam Port, so close to the sea. But EMO is also a special place to work because of our strong collegial ties. You can count on your colleagues at EMO. Teamwork and trust are characteristic of us. Add a healthy dose of Rotterdam humour and you will understand why the average length of employment is so much longer at EMO than at other places. Who knows, maybe EMO is the company for you?

Huge and high-tech

Really, everything at EMO is enormous: huge mountains of coal and iron ore from all over the world, gigantic modern equipment and bulk vessels with storage space the size of an apartment building. It makes working at EMO fascinating since you are not just challenged physically but mentally as well, if not by your own safety concerns then by working with high-tech equipment.

Freedom and responsibility

Work at EMO is never boring. You get to meet the crew of international ships; our terminal is constantly changing and we frequently tweak out strategy to match new market demands. You are free to make your own choices, keeping in mind what is best for EMO. That’s what you could call real independence. Your colleagues are also there for you; we tackle chores together, helping each other in word and deed. And that’s not all; you get the opportunity to expand your horizons and achieve your goals. In fact, we expect you to do this! We prefer our employees to come forward with ideas on how to improve our working methods. Your ideas can make the difference in helping EMO maintain its leading role in Europe. If you think up how we could do something better, please let us know. It will be greatly appreciated!

Your future

But of course, you don’t work at EMO just because it’s so much fun and interesting. We offer excellent employment conditions and training. EMO takes you and your family, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, your future… seriously. We find this all too important, because, the way we look at it, if things are going well with you, you’ll go well with EMO.

All specialisms and age categories

Soon after EMO was established, the company grew very rapidly. We hired many workers in a short time. Having stayed with us since then, for many employees the time has come to retire and enjoy their well-earned pension. This is why EMO is continually seeking new colleagues, especially for operational positions. The departure of a whole generation of workers, all at about the same time, made us realise that for continuity’s sake it is essential for the company to have an even distribution of ages. That is why EMO is looking for people in a wide range of ages, from school leaver to driven professionals with a great deal of experience. Everyone is welcome to help strengthen and prepare us for the future.

Training is a joint effort

Whether you come with loads of experience or have just graduated from school, we start the adventure together. EMO is a special company. The gigantic scale of the terminal, the huge machinery we work with and our efficient cargo processing all make necessary demands on our organisation and our workers. To work efficiently and safely at EMO, you need knowledge that you won’t get from other institutes or employers. Your operational career at EMO begins with an extensive in-house training programme. The kind of training you get depends on your position and your current knowledge and experience. Most of the subjects handled at EMO revolve around the environment and safety. Some positions, for instance, engineer on one of the five unloaders for seagoing vessels, require a two-year training period. That’s a huge investment for both you and EMO.


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